Plain English Campaign

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the word “action” as a verb, or struggled to understand a sentence that tries to replace every common day word with a technical-sounding equivalent, then this is the campaign for you: Plain English.

You may also be heartened to hear that guidance was issued to councils in 2009 banning a list of words and phrases felt to be used as meaningless jargon.


The language of hate

“My own memory fault is that I think I remember a time when if a politician said something unacceptable, he or she was called out on it, and this was reflected by the subsequent coverage. In that sense the media acted as a check to keep our democratic discourse in balance. However, like the animals, my recollection is hazy. I could be wrong.”
Full article HERE.

Cat Communication

It’s not just humans who converse. Many animals use different sounds and stances in communication, including cats.

The Wikipedia article on the subject is thorough in respect of cats “talking” to other cats and making noises while hunting, in heat, or other potentially solo activities.

It is lighter on the content on animal to human communication. This article J as more on that subject, again only about cats. Apparently cats don’t really use meows with one another, but do for humans.

I can’t help but image that they’re so fed up of us not “understanding” that they want more food and to be let out, that they’ve resorted to the cat equivalent of shouting…