Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters

Gingerbread houses are awesome. Fact.

Each Christmas, pre-made houses and pre-baked pieces to assemble get sold in department stores (and plenty of other shops), and that’s fine. But I bought THIS set of cutters at Lakeland (my favourite shop) and for anyone who plans to make a gingerbread house more than once, I recommend you make a similar investment.

– cut out the dough to bake, then slightly before it’s done cooking, “re-cut” it to trim off the edges that have spread out, to get neat edges
– use royal icing as your “glue”, if you can use egg. It sets really firmly
– you can buy those cake boards (eg HERE) for not-silly money and they make sturdy, easy-to-use bases; you can do a confectionery garden directly on the board: super-cute

Turning up to someone’s house with an edible gift that is a “creation” always goes down well 😊