A coat for all seasons

I live in the UK, which means that my outfits need to adapt to the possibility of rain, at any time of year. As such, I have Opinions About Coats (as does everyone I know).

Just over 2 years ago, I was perusing the sale rails when, across the way (in shiny non-sale), a yellow coat started singing to me. Metaphorically (although it was powerful enough, it may as well have been literal). Seasalt’s Seafolly coat in mustard, to be exact.

It’s lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and has zip, popper AND toggle fastening. Two large-ish pockets on front and a hood with drawstring. It is as practical as a coat can be without being “hiking wear” (or a Barbour).

And yet, none of that is why I bought it on that day I saw it. I put it on and instantly felt like Madeline, a trawlerman and a sunflower. The first size I tried fit perfectly, it looked good with the skinny jeans and calf-high brown boots I was living in at the time. It was everything I didn’t know I was looking for.

Back to present day: it has survived heavy use and a few washes. I need to re-waterproof it now but it’s still holding up. Over a jumper, it’s perfect for autumn, but it’s still light enough that I can bundle up in a scarf with it, too. The pockets are full of old receipts and sweet wrappers. It is my coat, and it has been good to me.