Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Crafter’s Ethos

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to throw anything away that has even a smidgen of aesthetic and/or sentimental value.

The house is full of junk, it’s messy and difficult to clean, and you think, “why am I such a mug?” But then, on other days, you rustle up a cute birthday card that’s very personalised to the recipient for £0 because you had all the materials to hand, and you look at expensive “crafters’ materials” kits with snippets of ribbon, decorated paper & the like, and you think “am I the only one here who’s not a mug?!”

(Just in case this isn’t translating so well… in the UK, one of the many, many ways to call some a fool is “a mug”)

So, how to strike a happy medium so that your inner space-craver (or your long-suffering home-sharer/s!) get some joy? I have some suggestions…

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How do you know you’re at a party? By seeing the bunting, that’s how.

There are three main ways of making bunting, as far as I can tell:

1. Trickiest: sew two larger triangles together, turn inside out, attach to string e.g. HERE
2 Middling: cut out a large rhombus, iron in half, fold over ribbon/string, sew along top edge of triangles, E.g. HERE
3. (My personal favourite) Easiest: cut out a “wonky diamond”, iron along central line, fold over ribbon/string, sew across line, E.g. HERE

Similarly, these shapes can be employed for paper & card bunting. Mi us the ironing stage.

If you are planning on having lots of bunting up, do yourself a favour and choose option 3: it’ll save you a pretty penny in fabric/materials.

Once created, you can decorate with:
– sewn on embellishments (buttons, etc.)
– drawn on decorations (letters, pictures)
– fabric paint, generally
– embroidered detailing
…the list goes on.

Like quilting, bunting-making is especially suited to odds and ends lying around the house with no jobs found for them. Hodge podge, mis-matching fabrics look great, and the order of Triangles can be changed to keep ” suiters” near each other.

What are you waiting for???