Snap Up That Jam Jar

One of the earliest hand-prepared gifts I remember receiving was a Christmas sweetie jar. My best friend decorated every “panel” on a jam jar with a different picture or pattern on each, using colourful permanent markers. She filled it with pick’n’mix (choosing known favourites and throwing in a few unusual picks, too).

The sweets were gone before new year, but I kept the jar for years, using it as a container for nick-nacks.

Traditional jam jars will work much better for this craft, as they contain many flat surfaces. Mason jars are, of course, very trendy, but they’re all curved corners and relief writing. No, stick with a washed re-used jar and feel good about not buying new stuff when you didn’t need to (AND re-using stuff, which takes less energy that recycling it).

I’ve seen a ton of “gift in a jar” ideas on Pinterest; lots of them are super cute achievable ideas. If you like the sound of an option you see, or come up with your own idea, but are worried about the perceived level of giftiness, I think a hand decorated jar adds that extra something.

Happy crafting (and happy weekend! As I write, I’m at the end of a looooong week, my weekend has got a lot of R&R to deliver…)


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