“Income security is the overlooked piece of the labour market puzzle”

Circa 14% of England and Wales’ working population is in insecure work, according to Citizens’ Advice (summarised HERE).

This means four and a half million people (so a likely minimum of two million households) who cannot:

– get a mortgage easily

– sign up for lock-in contracts eg for utilities to benefit from cost savings, without risking the need for a payday loan or similar

– for many, but not all: commit to attend regular events or sessions for learning, care of family or friends, community activities, etc., unconditionally, as if work is offered, they’ll be in a position of being forced to accept it (for economic reasons)

I don’t dispute the valuable place that flexible labour plays in the UK’s economy. But nobody can deny that the legal framework for such work does not keep the employee safe from bankruptcy.


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