DIY: Dye It Yourself

Do you ever see a garment you love in a shop, and maybe it’s available in six colours, but you can’t see any of them making that object a valuable addition to your wardrobe? Maybe they’re all pastel cardigans that sit perfectly round your shoulders, but you were hoping for a punchy cerise, or something.

Well, I draw your attention to the range of home-dye options available. I personally have had best results with Dylon products, but my experience is limited. I tried Rit from powder but I think the garments I was working with were suboptimal and that I probably didn’t mix the colour up well enough before immersing the cloth in the bucket of dye. I will say that it gives you a MUCH wider spectrum of colours to choose from, since they give a chart of “recipes” for reference.

Take the plunge!


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