“Anthropology Fiction”

I am such a sucker for sci-fi or fantasy that has believable human behaviour.
– The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
This book takes an uncomfortably close look at the possibilities of denial of rights and equality.  It feels very true to human nature. Atwood’s writing is sublime.

– Dust – Hugh Howell
No plot is developed,  no facts learned, without a character making the decision or discovery. As such, many rash decisions are made, and when things go wrong, it is very believable. Lighter reading, but right up my alley.

And my personal favourite:
– Northern Lights – Philip Pullman
In some ways this book is political: it has a lot to say about the church, especially where it interacts with the state. In other ways, it’s political in that it shows groups of people with very different needs and motives, work with or against each other. The gypsies, the officials at Bolvangar, even the staff at Oxford – enough time and consideration is given to how these people actually would live and feel. The result is a credible backdrop and universe for an utterly fantastical tale. Perfection.


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