Origami for scrapbooking

I’m generally a bit conservative when it comes to scrapbook page layouts. I tend to cut my pictures and snippets out as rectangles, and arrange them very geometrically. I try to change it up, but to my recent,  regular generally looks best.

What this does mean is that the embellishments have to work quite hard to give a sense of fun and keep it decorative. I do use a variety of things for this task, including:
– ribbons, often in bows
– buttons
– mini pegs (oh, my word, do I love mini pegs)
– abandoned cupcake toppers, etc.

An especially helpful option that I return to often is origami, i.e. folding a shape out of available paper or card.
Reasons this works so well are…
– can change the size by cutting different size squares to start with
– can pick any paper: plain, patterned, from a newspaper or magazine, old map, music sheet,  etc.
– can “mould” it to fit the space available. E.g. page about a trip to the zoo, want an origami penguin in there? Its head can lean further forward or upright depending on whether the space between photos is a rectangle or L-shape

A shape I return to is the pinwheel. It is simple, neat, can go clockwise or anticlockwise,  only shows one side of the paper, looks good straight or on the diagonal,  and can be pinned to your page with a brad. Tiny pinwheels on the corner of photos are super cute. HERE has an easy to follow set of instructions.



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