The language of hate

“My own memory fault is that I think I remember a time when if a politician said something unacceptable, he or she was called out on it, and this was reflected by the subsequent coverage. In that sense the media acted as a check to keep our democratic discourse in balance. However, like the animals, my recollection is hazy. I could be wrong.”
Full article HERE.


Do Fly

The Do Book Company publish varied titles, all at inspiring the reader to (you guessed it) do something. I’m reading “Do Fly” at the moment, hoping to pick up tips on how to run a side business passion project whilst holding down a Nine-to-five.

I shall report back…

Home Design Resourses

I had a subscription to Self Build Magazine for a year.
The website has lots of resources for people self-building (of course – the clue is in the name), but a lot of the elements can be used for smaller projects – for example, kitchen design in the Beginners Guides. You need a login but I think it’s free to sign up & everything.

1847: Vegetarian Cuisine 

Certainly in the UK, vegetarians have it pretty good these days. No longer is one mushroom risotto on the menu the standard, and in cities with a bit of a “foodie” scene, eating out as a vegan is becoming easier, too.

But I can’t help noticing that the meat-free options still usually cover the majority of healthy, sensible or diet-friendly remit of plenty of menus. You need only see the “add grilled chicken for £2″to understand the true intention of that dish.
And it is in this climate that 1847 stands out. Yes, there are healthy options. But there are decadent ones, too. Also really interesting and challenging flavour, texture and presentations of pieces. But comforting, familiar dishes (or elements of dishes) too. And it’s ALL veggie – with loads of vegan, gluten free and other allergen-free options, too.

If you want to treat the meat-avoider in your life to a fancy meal, can I suggest that 1847 should make your shortlist?

Work In Progress: floors, staircase

The boards in the hallway are all fine – probably because half of them are already replacements.

The staircase is fine, just needs sanding back and bannister added – that’s on the list of jobs for this week 👍

By the kitchen door is our only real problem. There is a joist that used to be held in the wall but got sawn down, and we don’t like the look of the upright holding it up. For starters, it’s sat on the soil under the house, no waterproofing whatsoever. Who does that?? Pretty much all our uprights under the joists seem to be on concrete platforms, so looks like this one was a late addition and a bodge job. We’re going to go down there (eek, it’s cobweb central, as you’d expect) and put two or three new uprights in, on concrete platforms. We’ll probably do brick ones with slate and membrane as a barrier to the joists.

In the foreground: sanding patch test. Looks like once it’s all sanded, the old boards should be a similar colour to the new ones, which is really helpful. Means we can get a really consistent colour by using stain on everything and just applying a little more to lighter sections. 

Hopefully next Saturday will have lots of further-in-progress pictures 😊 I might crack out the SLR for those… this post has been phone snaps!