Cities: Skylines

You can tell a lot about someone from the way they play The Sims: architect vs interior designer vs anthropologist (vs micro economist…).

As a lifelong”architect & interior designer” type, I can accept the suggestion that I prefer to control digital bricks, mortar & paint than simulated characters because they’re more reliable (no surprising adultery because you left a chair on Free Will Mode, either).

And so I, of course, hurried to buy Simcity as soon as it came out. I did enjoy it, but (like a lot of people), kept bumping up against the edges if what was possible within the game. Limited control of the terrain made city designs more controlled by the location than I’d have liked.

Later, my other half bought us Cities: Skylines, and it blew my tiny little city-designing mind. A wealth of objects come pre-designed & selectable (eg intersections) that make the game far less dependent on how long you’re willing to fight a snap-to-grid function. Different modes help see the city a different levels, to spot weaknesses or opportunities… or just to enjoy your creation 🙂

And that’s before you get onto user-created content!


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