Carrot salad

I have a friend who lives in a house with some vegans, a celiac, and every one of them a foodie. It makes for some fantastic dinners and food discoveries. I got this recipe from her – the mixed seeds (on top of the cumin) is my own addition.

Get a few carrots – 2 small-to-medium ones per person, if you’re having it as half your dinner (see below for suggested accompaniments). One big carrot each will work but they tend to be less tasty than their spindly brethren.

Scrub clean, or peel, whichever suits best.

Get a large orange and separate out a few segments.

Grate the carrots. If you have a food processor, employ it for this step. It will get it done in seconds. Transfer to serving bowl. Grate or chop up the orange – this will be messy. Add to bowl.

Heat small frying pan with no oil. Add a small handful of seeds per person once hot. Any seed will do but those snack mixes have the classics (pumpkin, etc). Add cumin seeds, too.

(NB if you have cumin powder but not seeds, just add that later – don’t dry-fry it)

Shake pan occasionally to prevent over-toasting. Once the seeds start popping, take off the heat and add to carrot. Stir through, and serve immediately. Add

Great paired with:
– patties, eg falafels, fishcakes, polenta things
– burgers
– gratins eg potato dauphinoise, courgette, beetroot
– baked potato, baked sweet potato (as a summery version of the dish)


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