Ikea Hackers: get inspired

When I think of DIY, it’s usually a fun, self-starter, “out there” project done in protest against poor quality and/or high prices, or to achieve something that nobody’s offering right now.

The reality is that the majority of the time I spend Doing It Myself is assembling stuff we’ve bought from Ikea.

If that’s you too, then you may already know about Ikea Hackers. The site provides the opportunity to share customisations or re-workings of Ikea products, often using other items in their product range to add on to or replace an element of the original design, and see other people’s projects to inspire your own.

Posts have tags, so there is a certain degree of sercheability; if you’re planning on furnishing your house with (eg) a kitchen kart, you can use these keywords to see what other people have done, to help you understand how you can “stretch” the offering from Ikea themselves.

As a community-created site, I must warn that you’ll see a volume of posts that you don’t like, or think are bad ideas. Stick with it, and bookmark pages you do like. There are diamonds a-plenty in that rough.


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