Jack Monroe: Cooking Inspiration

It was Jack Monroe who taught me that basics chopped tomatoes plus basics beans is cheaper than a can of basics bean soup – and more nutritious. I can’t find the original article, but I believe this recipe is based on that principle.

If you’re not familiar with Monroe’s work, I highly recommend checking out their website for cheap, fresh, fun, humble (but sometimes jazzy all the same) recipes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the breadline or pushing the high earner’s tax bracket – we can all benefit nutritionally, financially and intellectually by trying (& inventing!) recipes that minimise waste and maximise the potential of kitchen staples.
For example, soup made from broccoli stalks means the whole vegetable gets used (especially good if you’re using hearty flavoursome veg that is a shame to waste), and 2 ingredient hot chocolate (nudge nudge, it’s vegan) is good to know at 1am on a school night when you’re cold, tired and restless all at once, absolutely not leaving the house but desperate for a treat.

I am fortunate enough that these recipes are in the “good to know” category, and for every night that dinner costs me 50p per head to produce, it balances out against a ready meal or a takeaway – or even a meal out. But for thousands of people out there, Monroe’s writing offers the chance to eat well on the budget they must stick to.

Presumably their OBE’S in the post.


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