Small UK Businesses – Available Support

If you’re based in the UK and run (or work for!) a small business, your enterprise may be eligible for support from the Government as part of one of the schemes they’re running to promote certain activities (or just the economy in general).

The list of everything currently available is HERE, and you can filter down to:
– Equity
– Grant
– Loan (including guarantees)
– Advice
– Awards

(Obviously different businesses will find some of these categories more attractive than others)

You can also filter by location (i.e. put in your postcode and filter on items for which this address is eligible), company size (via number of employees), type and business stage.

If any of this seems relevant, I urge you to take a look at what’s available. The government makes these things available as part of initiatives, and when small businesses are involved, the benefit tends to stay where it was intended (rather than, say, paying for dividends to non-dom shareholders until the company goes into administration. Just as a crazy unlikely example…).


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