Jamie Oliver’s Eggy Crumpets

I first learnt this recipe from Jamie Oliver, and a small amount of googling suggests that it’s not one of those recipes of which every recipe book writer has their own version.

His recipe is HERE, and my notes are:

– for any potential readers of an American persuasion, please note that a crumpet is NOT the same as an “English muffin”. It’s more like a taller, thicker, unsweetened American pancake and they are the ultimate toast-from-frozen lazy breakfast foodstuff

– you obviously can replace bacon fat with veg oil

– as with all recipes I’ve ever used involving eggs and frying pans, get the pan as hot as possible before adding the eggy crumpets to it – cook hot & fast, my friend. Hot and fast.

– the egg mixture is a great vehicle for herbs and/or spices e.g. chilli flakes, oregano, just an absolute heap of black pepper, etc.

– Jamie’s not wrong about crumpets being an excellent vehicle for eggs; the cooked egg inside the muffin holes get this fluffy texture, it’s fantastic

– whenever I make them, a bit of smoke is generated, but it’s a really short cooking time so totally dealable,  just crack a window or crank the extractor fan on full while you’re frying

– I’ve not topped it to date, but you definitely could. I’m thinking avocado or fried bananas. Every carnivore should be thinking maple bacon (in the top 5 brunchiest of all meats and a natural complement to any type of cooked egg except meringue).


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