Shelfie: gas fire


This is the gas fire in my living room. We’re too scared to fire it up, so it’s a glorified shelf. Here’s the lowdown:
1. Howl’s Moving Castle print – birthday present from husband to me. This film is my visual equivalent of Ben & Jerry’s: my favourite, not really good for me, super sweet. HERE is a great blog post comparing the film to the book & I agree with almost every sentence. AND YET, I still love the film. It’s lovingly created, visually stunning and still makes my heart clench, even after fifteen views or so.
2. Anglepoise lamp – Ikea classic. Husband loves the clean lines. We do actually use this for lighting up detail work (airfix, paper-cutting, etc.).
3. & sign – origin unknown. Wedding present from my sister. Would make a great bookend (but we never have gaps on our bookshelves…).
4. Vase full of corks – from TK Maxx,  I think. Housewarming present from my mum. Corks… self-generated. This is the only vase in the house, so when we have flowers, we usually put them in a jug.
5. Wedding photo. We’re neither of us massively keen on lots of photos of ourselves around the house, but this is a silly one that makes us smile. Frame from Waitrose (I think), gift from workmates.
6. Groot, Troy Polamalu, tea light holder, VW combi, Horus, Buddha, (just top visible) Charlie Brown. All gifts from various people, various places. The line-up changes.
7. Stack of coasters. I’ll cover these another day.
8. The aforementioned gas fire.
9. The walls – Sophisticated Sage, Dulux Heritage Collection. It’s a little more green than the photo shows.


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